OExchange is an open protocol for sharing any URL with any service on the web.

Service Providers

Your service can receive more content by allowing anyone to integrate easily


Your content can be more widely shared by a new generation of tools

Tool Developers

Your tool can integrate with any service on the web, dynamically

Or jump right in to some demos or the spec...

The Problem

Lots of services accept URL-based content — social networks, news and bookmarking sites, communication tools, long-tail forums, translation and printing utilities — and more appear every day. Why do blogs still show chiclets for only the top few social networks? Why can't users engage with more personal, relevant, dynamically-discovered options? Why are sharing tools still "integrating" with services individually?

The Solution

OExchange makes it possible to share any URL-based content with any service on the web. It defines:

  • A common way for services to receive content, removing any and all service-specific integration requirements
  • A discovery feature so services can publish themselves and their endpoints, making it possible to integrate with services you didn't even know about at development time
  • A decentralized, user-centric model for saving preferred services, making sharing more personal